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Leather paint has come a long way since I last used it. The colors are bright and opaque. Love it!

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I found a synthetic leather that engraves with insane detail but it’s thin, so I ended up backing it with suede for strength and stiffness. I like how it turned out! I have brown suede on the way for the brown synthetic cuffs, but here’s the first one in black lined with gray. I also just posted a few cut leather cuffs on Etsy.

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If you haven’t heard, the price of silver keeps climbing. I’m thinking of casting pewter (lead free, of course) as an alternative. I’ve worn it and it doesn’t react to acidic me, but what about you? Have you worn pewter? I’ll still be working in silver, but this may make work more easily accessible to all budgets. I was at the Scottish Highland Games this past weekend and noted that browsers seemed to be attracted to price point as much as anything else, and silver plate seemed to be selling quite well, so the heirloom quality of a precious metal piece of jewelry was perhaps not so much a factor in decision to take a trinket home. The experiments may well begin here.

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